The House

That Grew Itself

Lyrics with Photographs


C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S

Field of White

Silver Thread II: Magical

Pretty Boy

After The Party


Your Turn Now To Choose

There Will be Others

Silver Thread I: Elizabethan

Le Mat

Something New For You


Different Once Again

Song for America

Children's Games

It Wasn't My Intention


So Much Is Left Unsaid

The Best

Bed of Roses

Getting Through

My Moon Has Fallen

Eye To Eye


Breakfast In The Middle Of The Night

That's All We Were After

To A Muse

Have You Ever Thought

Exhibitions Tonight In The City

Old Time's Sake

Come Back Home


Naked In The Wind

Sad Clown

Traveling In The Dark

Words of A Writer

Still Holding Out

Crazy Love


Your Style of Crime

Love Instead


Part-time Widow

Life With The Gang

I'll Wait 'til I Show It To You

The Long Way Around

Begging For A Star

Clear To The Bone

Black And White

It's All So Correct

Dark Birds

Another Kind of Cage

Wave Another Day Goodbye


Song for Elaine

Longer Than I Expected

Goodbye Nora






Gerald Nicholas Simpson.  All rights reserved.


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