I’ve felt the distance in our views

as you search for your own truth

swamis hold a special grace

a light so radiantly hued

a light that glows of saintliness

and it comes to very few

but we all are what we do


My schools of thought are songs I sing

songs of sorrow


and love

sometimes these songs can set me free

and sometimes they're just ageless dust

that settles as the wind subsides

in sheets and veils across my mind

sometimes they're old ghosts that fly

in dislocated time

they go up



and away


The sun unveiled itself today

removing shrouds of graying clouds

I remove the shrouds of yesterday

and attempt to live the present out

you and I

we've gone 'round and 'round

we've gone up and down

carnival style

our time had been a coming and a going

it's been joyous and been boring

but it's been moving all the while


it's been moving

moving all  the while





Coming to the surface now

currents rise within me

another bubble rising from the depths

of days spent in sleep

you and I

we've seen the changes

the way thought rearranges

the way we live

and I've gone there with you

I've held on to that strangeness

that you thought would release

and spawn you again


We’ve lived before in other moods

in schools of thought you’ve read about


© Gerald Nicholas Simpson.  All rights reserved.