Punch into a room of chat

no need for lighting

hiding in a lit up screen

the fingers fly

send a joke

a dream or warning

a stream of feeling

stealing views and sentiments

you mine tonight

the roll on a wave of thought    

where phrases and words are caught    

and spent to belie the cost

of this thing you do

with other countries from your room

and youíre so wide awake

in the hustle of another take

sharing what your senses make

itís another kind of cage


Scan the news and bookshelves

and philosophize

seek the help to strategize

on what to be

those who advertise themselves

and their tabloid lives

well, it doesnít jibe with how you feel

but thatís the price, you see

come down from the high def screens

from all of those cheap magazines

come down from the gripes and tweets 

and that place you went

where nothing is heaven sent

and pointing everywhere all day

will take you far outside your fate

maybe itís the newest phase

but itís just another kind of cage

another kind of cage



Another Kind of Cage


Speculations in polished adverts

tempt the senses

blend the gloss with symphonies

and moneyed smiles

turn the page to see some other

bigger teases

empty beaches

breezy palms and balmy skies

a 10K smile leans in

assuaging the wear of sin

telling you how you can win

and live the life

the one that you know is right

you know you deserve it

like the promise on the page

where moneyed gentry never age

itís another kind of cage

© Gerald Nicholas Simpson.  All rights reserved.