today's a day like yesterday

carols are sung to those on high

what is this "Yuletide"?


So you dress up a tree now

you hang the memories you've gathered

and you make places for guests

you haven't seen all year

but eggnog won't change it over night

while you hang those strings of lights

you're still gonna wonder

what is this "Yuletide"?


          So much shopping

          credit card hopping

          it's all part of the season

          and it's fun

          getting away from the grind

          so you're down town

          in your favorite gown

          but there are moments when you lose it

          'cause there's something

          you just can't seem to find


It's coming on to Christmas

the holiday season engulfs you

you take your presents home

and you wrap 'em up bright

while carols are sung to those on high

and your rooms are strung with lights

you still wonder

you still wonder

you still wonder

what is this "Yuletide"?





You can dress it up

but that's not gonna change it

wreaths and cards won't make it right


Gerald Nicholas Simpson.  All rights reserved.