someone who will laugh and share

a smiling wealth

the only one to set you free

is the one to whom your hand is dealt

and that someone to release you

is yourself


          There comes a day

          when all we say

          means little of the things we do

          so we make our way

          as phases change

          and we live to find some truth


There will be other friendly eyes

other lives full of surprise

and other guesses given

when you ask them why

but most of all  as time goes by

I hope you come to realize

that all of this you know

down inside


Yes, in your hour of deepest need

someone will be there to meet

someone who when you greet them

won't retreat

the one who holds all of your keys

is you as you become set free

'cause you have always possessed

your own release

your own release



There Will Be Others


There will be other friends to keep 

other stones to cross the stream 

and other cloaks thrown down on puddles

at your feet 

there will be other loves to leave

and shining knights to believe

and other boats to help you

sail the seas


In you hour of deepest need

someone will be there to help


Gerald Nicholas Simpson.  All rights reserved.