until their stories were through

as they told me and watched me

and looked at my face for clues

I showed nothing at all

I'll wait 'til I show it to you


These days are the same

there's not much change in my old routine

I practice and skate

I still play pool and do familiar scenes

I keep myself busy

that's all that I can do

to stay away from doubt

and those old tired blues

ah, but I don't mind

I'll wait 'til I show it to you 


          Pick up the phone

          and give me a call

          I'll leave you alone

          I just want to talk that's all

          that's all


I hope everything's fine

of course I think of you often these days

it only takes time

'til these sad feelings go away

so you take care

I'm being true

to all of the dreams

I had in my heart for you

oh yes, I'll show it all

when I can show it to you

I'll show it all

when I can show it to you



I'll Wait 'til I Show It To You


You were on the street

a few people told me that they saw you

they said you sounded sweet

I'm sure they were telling me the truth

I sat and thought  

Gerald Nicholas Simpson.  All rights reserved.