My search for realization of vision has taken many turns during my lifetime. These turns have been the result of a combination of survival instincts and desire for expression. The secret always seemed to be in discovering a voice that came directly out of my experience. As a child I kept trying to find a way to fit in with the world around me, but that world wasn't the one I knew and lived in. My world was a landscape of metaphor, symbol, and myth.

And then, as an artist, I finally touched upon the pulse of my life. I now know that I do not have to fit in. I mean, I don't have to change my drag anymore. This understanding has turned into a most incredible journey and is the only dream I want to pursue.

Anyone crying for a chance to see and speak clearly has only to remember that it just takes time and tenacity to develop one's "voice." Each of us holds a distinctive vision that can lead us to excellence and meaning. When we apply that excellence to our experience, as a painter would apply paint to a canvas, the result is a unique and beautiful thing. And a wondrous addition to the world as a whole.

In this way an artist is an entrepreneur of spirit.


Copyright Gerald Nicholas Simpson.

All Rights Reserved.