Disco dance in strobing light 

amyl nitrate 

rushing pulse rate forced to move

in heavy beat 

so close your eyes 

forget those lights 

your head is racing 

chasing something pounding there

beneath your feet

the vial goes round and round 

your energy leaves the ground  

and it's all just a mass of sound

that you feel inside 

electrical currents in the night 

so you spin and you lose it 

like a dream you never knew  

like those pictures that you never drew 

like a love that never passed through you


There are times I know you care 

I think I see them 

like sometimes when you're sleeping  

and you reach for me 

but maybe you're just reaching out  

for anything 

everything I know of you is only me 

and I know how I love to fly 

I  know how I love night life 

I know how I've longed to try 

everything I hear 

only to get crystal clear 

and there's something I've wanted 

it's this movie in my head 

it's candlelight with you in bed 

but let us talk of love instead 

oh let us talk of love 




Love Instead


Irish coffee in firelight 

glowing glances 

taking chances underneath

the liquor spell 

dreamy touch 

not meaning much 

those feelings heighten 

they lighten up some dream

but there's no way to tell

the fireplace dances there 

the flames touch your heart somewhere

the night turns to open stares

that release your soul 

coming on strong and bold 

and your're open to rolling 

in the candlelight of bed

skin flicks run inside your head 

and I speak of love instead 


Gerald Nicholas Simpson.  All rights reserved.