Cocktail tables and cigarettes

clinking glasses

drinking masses and strangers eyes tonight

old blue jeans and uptown dress

some are sighing

hiding out beyond that wall of light

they look toward a spotlit stage

as you go through another change

singing how grand and strange

this life can be

living to get your spirit free

and they sit and they listen to you

they witness your triumphs and your blues

and you hope

you just hope you're getting through


Some will hear the words that you say

that's what they came here for

stories have a way to help them see

and others play their video games

they tune you out

they shout alone

they shout alone to a glittering machine

so you sing to them all

not know where your words will fall

'cause it's not a big grand concert hall

this bar you're in

it's another nightlife roulette wheel spin

and it's all right with you

'cause for now it's what you choose to do

and you hope

yes, you hope you're getting through

you hope you're getting through

getting through



Getting Through


Microphones and bright stage lights


explanations of the life you live in song

the past unfolds and is retold

in hopes to spellbind

tonight you sing of all those rights and wrongs

and so you begin again

to tell of the grace and sin

of all of the places you've ever been

and the ones you've known

and all of those daydreams that were sown

so you sing of your heartbeat

with a poet's point of view

like a caster of the evening news

and you hope

yes, you hope you're getting through


Gerald Nicholas Simpson.  All rights reserved.