Years ago a child peeked out

on a world so vast and beckoning

daydreams flowed and nights brought down

the mirth to judgment's reckoning


So Crazy saw and learned and ran

read some books

forgot the sand

spent his time on other things

when hazy trances broke at last

he saw the crooks with dirty hands

so he went his way to look for wings


          As months blew by the child sought out

          Le Bateleur and Hermit's light

          while all the while The Fool cried out

          craft warnings to the night


Crazy said goodbye today

on roller skates he felt the wonder

of fleets of clouds in multitudes

the spacey past blew far away

as daytime played with light and thunder

and he kissed it all with gratitude


The present buds begin to bloom

as winter rain replenishes

the sleeping child from worn out tunes

to feel again the blessedness

feel again the blessedness

feel again the blessedness




Crazy took a turn for good

lost some love

gained the world

saw a different day again

lazy moods woke up and stood

looked above the passing swirl

watched a separate birth begin

Gerald Nicholas Simpson.  All rights reserved.