The sound and the fury keep silence at bay

a Tower of Babel from speakers and screens

there's no room to fill this world with delight

no room to conjure a dream


         The unholy halls of worship we build

          to pride and name

          and conceit

          will one day give way to silence that's filled

          with ever new ways to see


And so here I sit

looking for words

to fly in and land like beautiful birds

like cranes leaning in to water for drink 

I bend to the music and think 

of all the questions and fictions surrounding

the stillness informing the center of things

and blinders that hide the clear simple truth

of peace that the stillness can bring



that the stillness

can bring





Seeing through filters of clutter and noise


stories and past 


blue ribbons

false starts and breaks

see it through stillness at last


Gerald Nicholas Simpson.  All rights reserved.