Three pathways of opportunity here. Three departures from one terminal.
Spellbinding prospects, as so they should be.
Each of the three below is a portal to discovery.

THRESHOLDS is the first. A journey through México and Central America; a maze of stories, photographs, travel journals and poetry. Here's a bird's eye view of fascinating Mayan cities, sights in towns and villages and, simply, a taste of people and places through a traveler's eye.

PHOTO 101, the second, is an excursion through photographs of Paris, Istanbul and other subjects, all of which are available for purchase, should you decide to bring back a postcard.

THE HOUSE THAT GREW ITSELF is the third. A different sort of sojourn: a growing catalog of lyrics to self-penned tunes, along with photographs that may or may not have anything to do with the lyrics you be the sleuth.        

This is only the beginning. Enjoy your visit.


© Gerald Nicholas Simpson. All Rights Reserved.